Mission Statement

You may be wondering what we are trying
to achieve in this congregation.
What are our priorities?
What is the Church of Christ all about?



The Elders of our congregation have adopted the following mission statement as an expression of what we believe our priorities ought to be:

Mission Statement

Honouring God by seeking his presence and sharing his grace.

Guided by the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit we seek to develop the following:

WORSHIP: With reverence and joy we glorify God with our minds, emotions, actions and music.

FELLOWSHIP: United by faith in Christ, we live as part of God’s family in love and respect.

DISCIPLESHIP: Becoming like Jesus as our lives are shaped by scripture, prayer and the sacrificial love shown at the cross.

MINISTRY: Discovering and using God’s gifts to serve others in the Church and in the world.

MISSION: Use practical and effective ways to help all our members embrace, declare and demonstrate the gospel as we become salt and light in the community.