Junior youth Club

061Busy times at the craft table! 

 Junior youth club (P4-P7)

JYC – Second Saturday of each month!

6.30-7.45pm, for lots of fun & games!

Need a consent form? – please download using the link below!


Club dates Sept 2019 – May 2020.

 Sept 21st    Team games & charades
 Oct 12th     Create a crepe.
 Nov 9th    *Ten- pin bowling @ Jet Centre.
 Dec 14th    Christmas baking / craft.
 Jan 11th     Hama beads
 Feb 8th       Pea carnival
 Mar 14th    Glow in the dark volleyball.
 Apr 11th   *Easter egg hunt @ Daffodil gardens.
 May 9th      Team games & ice-cream parlour.

 *Places for Ten-Pin Bowling & Easter Egg Hunt must be booked              (£2 per child)

Evenings begin in the Fellowship lounge, with registration on arrival – and then the fun begins!

With lots of creative crafts planned along with the usual variety of sports and individual/team games there’s lots of fun to be had @ JYC.
We finish each evening with a short epilogue and then everyone unwinds  with a hot chocolate/milk shake etc.

It’s great place to meet your friends, bring your friends and make new friends! Everyone is welcome!

(There is a small 50p charge to help cover costs)

For more information contact Liz on 07803402504