In our services we seek to give praise to God with both reverence and joy. Music is an important part of this and we aim to give a lead to the congregation during Worship Services by playing musical instruments or singing for the Glory of God. We seek to use both traditional and contemporary music in Church. We have many who help lead us in this.

David McCracken along with an enthusiastic bunch of musicians organise music to make our praise to God more effective and relevant. At our services we are regularly led by:

  • Choir and other vocalists: meeting as arranged for practice. We have music for special services such as Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Children’s Day, and on many other occasions as they arise.
  • Organ and Piano: played by Carol McCaw, Gina Gault, Alistair Dickey and Peter Wilson.
  • Instrumental groups: a range of instruments are regularly used. We are really pleased to see more of our younger members taking part. These musicians increasingly play an active part in church worship where appropriate. We often have special instrumental groups helping us at Christmas and Easter.

The essential part of all of this is to keep our focus on the Lord, and to worship together in an open minded spirit of unity. If you would be interested in being part of our music ministry please contact any of the musicians or the Church office.