November In Athens

Dear friends,

I have been sharing with a number of people my desire to return to Athens, to explore the calling that God had on both our lives together to move to Greece. As you know this was cut short by Peter’s illness and then passing away. I am of course broken-hearted and am now seeking the Lord’s leading for the coming months and years as I get used to a new way of life. After much thought and prayer, I am returning to Athens for the month of November to find out what this means for me and how this will unfold in my life.

I will be staying with very good friends and mission colleagues, George and Luciana and as this is my first step on my own, I am grateful that I won’t be alone. They both lead very full lives and I appreciate that they are making room for me.

My schedule will involve:

– Teaching English to a key worker in the Roma ministry that Luciana manages
– Helping out at a project that trains women who have come out of trafficking (I had been volunteering
there before)

– to have employable skills

– exploring provision of member care on a broader basis in Greece.


A part of our aim in moving to Greece in 2020 was to form the basis of a team and it has been a real encouragement to see how God has been answering that prayer.

The ECM Team in Greece

Al and Rachel MacInnes arrived in 2021 while we were away in N Ireland into a challenging situation for them as a new family. Al is now the new leader of the ECM team in Greece, while Rachel does member care for the team.
George and Luciana continue with ECM, but they are very much part of their own respective national Greek organizations, Hellenic Ministries and AMG International.
Noah and Suzi Bartlett have joined the team and are engaged in an amazing refugee ministry called “Helping Hands”
Diane Nicholls is the most recent addition and works on the island of Lesvos with Euro relief.


Thankfulness and Incredulousness

My son in law, Alvin, coming from London, described as “incredible” the support, care, concern and love we all received, from our Northern Irish community, which he has witnessed first-hand during the last few months. (and still continue to receive). It says much for a culture rich in hospitality and kindness.

I don’t have the words to describe the generosity of spirit shown towards us as a family and me personally. It has touched the very core of my being. Thank you too for the immense effort made on our behalf to get us into our own house.

Thanksgiving Service

Thank you to those who attended the thanksgiving service for Peter. I desperately miss this deeply humble man who had so much of wisdom from the Lord and showed so much kindness. Last week I met up with James (from N Ireland) who did a short-term stint with us in Lisbon in 2020. James is a young Oxford graduate and came to the thanksgiving service. This is what he shared with me… “Your minister summarized one of Peter’s last sermons at Ist Coleraine Presbyterian and this is what he said 1 Abide in Jesus 2 Know what a friend we have in Jesus 3 Bear fruit that lasts. …
A familiar passage but it struck me so deeply and brought tears to my eyes. I have revisited this passage almost daily since then…I saw Peter’s life and I wanted mine to look the same…to spend my Christian life remaining in love for Jesus and loving others.” Pray for James!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. I was touched by the emails, texts, cards, phone calls, flowers, food and visits.
Pray as I look to the Lord to show me the way.