After a wonderful Easter service in Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC), secondary school pupils and their teachers took part in ‘Activity Week’. They visited various areas in Nepal trekking, rafting, serving in Equip schools and learning about Nepali culture. Each year group went somewhere and took part in different activities. It is hoped that the week will help towards gaining the International Duke of Edinburgh award which is now being offered by the school.
Primary students had an exciting week too, they explored the theme, “I wonder”. I wonder what makes us unique, what gifts God has given us, how can we spend time with God and finally I wonder how God shows us his love? It was truly a wonderful week full of fun, large celebrations, worship, activity stations, snacks and reflection times each day where, the children were taught to journal their thoughts and think about what they learned each day. They were challenged about the need of having a personal relationship with God. After 12 weeks, term 3 finished on 1 April and the school had a two-week break.
United Mission to Nepal (UMN) is recovering from all the restrictions of the pandemic and trying to set new directions for the coming years. There are still many obstacles remaining. Peter has spent the majority of his time preparing in faith that life will return to normal and for what UMN wants to do in the future. He has been working at enlarging an existing project and developing a completely new one, both of which will impact people in all of the areas UMN work. He has also been supporting one new staff member who has joined the small Integral Development team. Peter continues to work with a small group of writers to prepare a teaching guide that will be used in many places, resulting in more salt and light being shared in the community. All of this has kept him tied to Kathmandu, but he hopes he will get the opportunity to travel out to rural areas in coming months to see the work on the ground.
KISC has a high percentage of students where English is their second or, in many cases their third or fourth language. Each year these students are assessed. LAS stands for Language Assessment Scales (It’s an English language proficiency test). Jayne and another colleague in student support spent the first two weeks of term 4 administering and assessing secondary students in their ability to speak, listen and use written English. It’s amazing what you learn about your own language!
We continue to pray that our work visa will be issued very soon as we have just extended our visitor’s visa for its final month. We are surrounded by all kinds of needs and opportunities and our prayer is that what we do and say, and the attitude in which we live it out will make a difference.

• Pray that we will receive a work visa very soon • Pray for good health and safety when travelling. • Pray that another new member of staff will be appointed to the Integral Development team. • Pray for a new principal of Primary at KISC.