We arrived home to Coleraine on 24 September and the last few weeks have been focused on readjustment. Our minds are still in two places as there is so much going on in Nepal just now and of course we remain in close contact with many friends. It has been a blessing to have visited quite a number of congregations to speak about what we have been doing. It has helped us reflect on and process our experiences and the changes.

As the end of the first term at KISC drew to a close Primary and lower Secondary were practising hard at the musical, ‘Danny and the Shacks,’ telling the story of the book of Daniel. Jayne was aware that she would miss seeing the performances as we left Nepal on the day of the opening show. It was a month full of mixed emotions as she was leaving a school, staff and children she had loved working with. There were very special times with friends over meals, coffee and prayer times. It was difficult to say goodbye but she is very thankful for the amazing experience of working at KISC and making so many friends from around the world. KISC and Nepal will always have a special place in her heart.

KISC is a place that is constantly evolving and it has been wonderful to hear that a new director of Equip, a new head of Secondary and more recently a new head of Primary have all been appointed. Please pray that these people will settle into their new roles and be an encouragement to the staff they lead.

Peter is keeping up to date with much of what is continuing in UMN. In mid-October all UMN staff from around the country came together for the learning review. Due to the pandemic, it has been three years since this happened. It is a wonderful time of reflection and meeting together. At the end of October, the UMN Board meet and here important decisions are taken for the future. There are countless challenges ahead not least the ongoing legal action seeking to push UMN out of the offices they have used for many decades. Peter continues to keep in contact with the small team he was part of and also the many friends made through his Integral Mission work. He is praying that it will be possible for a new expat advisor to join UMN and also a further Nepali team member to share the burden of so much travelling around the country.

It is wonderful to be at home and with family. We are thankful and know this is a great blessing. However, we also miss so much about Nepal. The final days of October are the festival of Tihar when Nepali homes are brightly decorated with lights and families come together in celebration. Our prayer is that the light of the world will shine through the lives of Christians so that all may find fullness of life.

Prayer Points
• For wonderful friends and faithful servants in UMN, KISC and far beyond
• For the ongoing work of UMN and KISC and God’s help in every challenge
• That we will be guided in the right path in the days ahead.